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  • I Fought the Wrong “Guy”


    MARICAR: For 6 months I portrayed a difficult character for a local TV series, and for around 2 months I could not act very well. I had difficulty crying, which was horrible because I was part of a heavy drama series. This acting block probably was unnoticed by TV viewers, but everyone in production felt […]

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  • Poons in Hakone


    MARICAR: On our FOURTH trip to Japan I wanted to try something different – two quiet nights in the “Hot-spring” region of Hakone. There, everything CLOSES at around 4:30pm. The hotel I chose was far from the usual attractions: The Pirate Ship Sightseeing Cruise, Owakudani , the Hakone ropeway(another ropeway)… etc. The Prince Hotel itself […]

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  • 2 Opposites go on Vacation

    ueno night walk

    MARICAR: Two best friends with OPPOSITE personalities going on a trip together needs a lot of COMPROMISE. A balanced ITINERARY is a MUST. As much as possible, Richard and I want to share every experience together, even though we have very DIFFERENT interests in our favorite vacation spot, Japan. Richard loves Japan for it’s wide selection […]

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  • Watch me Whip


    MARICAR: To the world, Richard is serious. He is associated with words like: teacher, perfectionist, formal. But with me, he plays around with a THICK Italian accent (which is HILARIOUS since he looks SO CHINESE). He can be VERY SILLY. I’d describe him as: FUN, SILLY,  & UNPREDICTABLE. There are many sides to a person. […]

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  • Killing Mickey Mouse


    Angry Mickey Mouse, lead of Disney shouts: “You blind guides! You blind fools! You hypocites full of greed & self-indulgence! You snakes! You sons of vipers! You murderers!” Mickey never had such a FOUL MOUTH. I thought: “Hey Mickey! Watch your words! That SO NOT YOU!”   YOU SHOULD BE: ultra-nice, polite, politically-correct, diplomatic & […]