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  • When He Doesn’t Talk Too Much…


    Recently we went to Balesin Island with some of Richard’s dearest friends: Erickson, Jayson and his wife, Kat.   The guy in the middle wearing white, is Erickson. He is the president of Cornerstone Talents.   Jayson is a motivational speaker and author of the “Younique” book series.    Today, all 3 men are stable and […]

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  • Do Gifts Matter?


    My friend Sharon (not her real name) can’t spend as much time with her husband. They live in Quezon city while he works in Makati. He gets home by 9pm, and leaves again before 5 am, just to beat the traffic. They often spend less than 10 hours a day together, including sleeping.   If […]

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  • Are you a “touch person?”


    Richard values words. Although he appreciates gifts on his birthday, he is most touched when people write him sincere letters. Apparently he RECEIVES love the best through words. He also prefers SHOWING his love using words. He would tell me that I am beautiful, how much he appreciates me, that I compliment him, etc. The […]

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  • JaPOON Tokyo Travel Tips


    I miss Tokyo. We travelled there 3x already and still long to go back. Because I miss it, I will write about it instead! We have a few travel tips specific for Tokyo, all based on our experience. I won’t talk about WHERE to go, since there are so many blogs and sites for that […]